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May 16, 2012

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CCICs make a strong impact on Canadian Society

In March 2011, CMI commissioned Dr. Don DeVoretz, a noted expert on immigration, to conduct a study to determine the extent to which Certified Canadian Immigration Consultants (CCICs) contribute to the overall immigration system. He discovered what many Fellows already know- that CCIC's not only play a vital role in the immigration system, but their work contributes positively to Canada as a whole.

We encourage you to read the full report here:  An Evaluation of the contributions Certified Immigrant Consultants have made to the Canadian immigration system

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Dr. Don DeVoretz


Dr. Don J. DeVoretz obtained his doctorate in Economics from the University of Wisconsin (Madison) in 1968.  He is a Professor of Economics at Simon Fraser University and currently directs the Canadians Abroad Project at the Asia Pacific Foundation. Dr. DeVoretz directed RIIM, Vancouver’s Centre of Excellence on Immigration Studies (1996-2007) and has held visiting appointments at Duke University, University of Ibadan (Nigeria), University of the Philippines, University of Wisconsin, and the Norwegian School of Economics and was the Willy Brandt Guest Professor at IMER, Malmo University in 2004. He is a Research Fellow with IZA (Germany) and the Migration Research Group (Germany).  Dr. DeVoretz was named a British Columbia Scholar to China in 2000.  In addition, Dr. DeVoretz’s current research interests include the economics of immigration with special emphasis on Canadian return migration which is supported by the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada. Dr. DeVoretz sat on the Canadian Border Advisory Board between 2005 and 2008. His latest book The Economics of Citizenship (2008) is available from Malmo University Press. Dr. DeVoretz may be contacted at

News Release

June 27, 2011

Study finds CSIC-accredited immigration consultants provide benefits to Canadian multiculturalism

Toronto, ON
– CSIC-accredited immigration consultants benefit Canadian society by helping Canada attract greater numbers of highly qualified immigrants, according to a study commissioned by the Canadian Migration Institute (CMI).

“Multiculturalism Day is an important time to reflect on the valuable role of immigration in Canadaand the study clearly demonstrates that members of the Canadian society of Immigration Consultants (CSIC) extend high quality immigration services to those who may not be able to afford a lawyer,” said Dr. Don DeVoretz from Can-Excell Consultants, which conducted the study. “The study endorsed the quality of those services because the immigrants that I spoke to indicated that they were very satisfied with the help they received with their immigration to Canada.”

In its report Can-Excell also concluded CSIC membership provided significant value by offering consultants name brand recognition from a trusted accreditation and training that enabled them to provide higher quality service.

“CSIC members must meet high standards to obtain and maintain their membership, and it’s because of those standards that consumers trust the Certified Canadian Immigration Consultant designation,” said DeVoretz. “On Multiculturalism Day it’s important to remember that as Canadians we all benefit when smart, ambitious people make Canada their home, and immigration consultants play an important role in facilitating their immigration.”

“Only CSIC members are accredited immigration consultants and they know they’re leaving a positive impact on the Canadian fabric because every day they help brave, hopeful, motivated people live their dreams of becoming Canadian. CMI has always maintained that CSIC members are vital to the Canadian immigration system and, on Multiculturalism Day, I’m pleased that Can-Excell Consultants have reached the same conclusion,” said Canadian Migration Chair Imran Qayyum.

CMI commissioned Dr. DeVoretz to conduct an independent study to determine whether or not CSIC members provide viable services to consumers of immigration consulting services and whether or not there is value in being an accredited immigration consultant. Dr. DeVoretz is an internationally respected immigration expert. He is a professor of economics at Simon Fraser University and directs the Canadian Abroad Project at the Asia Pacific Foundation. He previously directed Vancouver’s Centre of Excellence on Immigration Studies and sat on the Canadian Border Advisory Board.

As part of the study, Dr. DeVoretz gathered feedback from clients and immigration consultants in focus groups and surveys in Toronto, Calgary, Montreal and Vancouver. Clients faced a list of questions concerning their entry class, initial attempts to apply and their source of information prior to choosing to hire a CSIC member. Immigration consultants were queried on their level of experience and education, the types of clients they handle and the perceived quality of CSIC’s education, testing and fees.

The role of the Canadian Migration Institute ( is to educate, accredit and advocate on immigration law and policy. CMI represents more than 1,740 authorized immigration representatives and is the largest organization of its kind in North America. CMI has several chapters throughout Canada that provide regional support through accredited educational programs, advocacy on provincial issues and a local network for interaction and connection amongst authorized representatives.

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